Hyperfish customers are seeing their directory come alive

In a short time, Hyperfish has established itself as a “must have” add-on for Office 365 and SharePoint.  Organizations across the world are seeing a dramatic improvement in the quality of their directory information.
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"It empowers the employees to take control of their profile. Essentially, crowdsourcing the upkeep of personal data, and removing the mundane burden from IT, but still with boundaries and controls"

Peter White
Director, US Infrastructure & Operations – Solera


"We have been very successful with SharePoint Online, but profile information is critical to its success. We have Hyperfish at Shire to complete our users profile information. This unlocks the power of the new SharePoint people search and lights up contact cards across the experience."

David Feldman
Associate Director Collaboration at Shire

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"If you want an easy and efficient way to update your user’s profiles and information, then use Hyperfish to do it."

Cory Roese
Director, IT Solutions/Infrastructure at CTI Foods


"I love the product. It's a point solution that solves an "age-old" problem."

John Flick
Vice President Information Technology at KPS Global

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"Henny Penny is a growing company so keeping profile information up to date is critical. Hyperfish has helped us out a lot in bringing inconsistent data to the table and getting it up to date. It used to be a manual process, time consuming, requiring PowerShell scripts. Hyperfish is part of our on-boarding process, it makes it a real easy process, less time consuming."

Simon Swartz
Infrastructure Support Analyst at Henny Penny


"Delivering a high quality and interactive customer experience both internally and externally is foundational for Extreme Networks. Hyperfish has enabled us to simplify the process of publishing and maintaining employee data and photos for our global company."

Jeff Creasy
Sr. Director IT Technology Solutions

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"Phone number lookup is huge for us, also the profile pictures are a huge win. Microsoft recently released an option in contacts that will show you pictures of everyone you’re meeting with for the day, that’s helped a lot."

Robert Barbrow
Director of IT at Markon Solutions

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