Deliver Business Value through
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Hyperfish reduces manual work, and improves IT responsiveness and delivery. Enables people to quickly and easily find people and expertise and unlocks value across Office 365.

How it works

Hyperfish uses AI and Bot technology to automate the collection of profile information. The secure service supports on-premises, hybrid, and online environments.
Hyperfish monitors AD to identify what’s missing & incorrect Users are then notified by email or chat bot Users update their information via desktop or mobiles device Email Chat bot Web Mobile
Email Chat bot Hyperfish monitors AD to identify what’s missing & incorrect Users are then notified by email or chat bot Web Mobile Users update their information via desektop or mobile device

Hyperfish explained in 2 minutes






The Hyperbot communicates with users that have missing or incorrect profile information.

You can configure the name of your Hyperbot, its personality (relaxed, standard, formal) and the email from: address.

You can also choose how frequently the Hyperbot contacts users to collect or confirm profile information via the tenacity selector.


Hyperbot channels

The Hyperbot can communicate through either Email or Skype for Business (preview feature).

Select the channel through which Hyperbot will engage with your users to notify them of missing or incorrect profile information.



We understand you may not want to roll out Hyperfish to your entire organization at once.

We’ve made it super easy to move from analyzing your directory, to running a pilot with a subset of users, to being in full run mode to update and collect profile information from your entire organization.


Directory scoping

With the directory scoping feature, you can define which Organizational Units (OUs) of your directory Hyperfish will include in its analysis and collection of profile information i.e. which users across your organization it will reach out to and which will be excluded.


On-premises, Hybrid and Online environments

Hyperfish supports on-premises, hybrid, and online environments. For on-premises and hybrid, an agent is deployed and runs under a service account which communicates with our cloud service.


Scheduled Import

Organizations often have profile information stored in other systems of record and want this information across all their Office experiences.

Scheduled Import uses our Integration Framework to pull profile information from systems such as Peoplesoft or Workday into other integrated profile information systems.

For example, Job Title, Manager and Department can be pulled from an HRMS and updated in Active Directory so that Office contact cards are populated.



Easy for Users


Profile page customizations

We know the importance of company branding. We make it insanely easy to modify the profile page to match your brand and fit right in with your existing Intranet and Office 365 pages.

You can create categories of profile information to control the ordering and grouping of information on the page.


Profile photo validation

Hyperfish uses artificial intelligence to validate profile photos.

This allows you to limit Profile photos to one face, exclude cartoon characters, pets, as well as inappropriate images.


Mobile friendly

With a growing remote workforce, it is important that users can update their profile information and approvers can approve updates on the go.

The magic links in our emails allow users to launch directly into the profile page without signing in.

This reduces the friction for your users to update their profile information.


Attribute Connectors

Organizations may want to define other systems of record for certain profile information. For example, your HRMS may be the system of record for the Emergency Contact information.

Attribute Connectors leverage our Integration Framework, and enable us to analyze any system of record and reach out to the user if the information doesn't meet the company standards. 

With our Integration Framework, as well as updating the system of record, Hyperfish can also update other systems simultaneously.


Admin event log

Hyperfish administrators can see the system event activity for directory scans as well as any setting changes performed by an administrator.

This is extremely useful to keep administrators accountable. For example, when a new approver is added or a setting is changed that impacts users, the change is logged along with the person who made it.


Admin user log

Hyperfish allows administrators to see the activity of updates from a user, as well as the emails they have received.

Via an easy user search, administrators can see how complete each users’ profile is, view all the emails sent to them, and see what the profile update experience looks like for them.


Admin permissions management

Hyperfish supports multiple administrators. This allows you to share the management of Hyperfish across your team.  As each additional administrators sign in with their own Office 365 account, there is no need to share an administration account.


Real Time Compliance


Dashboard reporting

Hyperfish allows you to track your mission of complete and up-to-date profiles through a real-time dashboard.

The dashboard provides an overview of the health of your organizations entire profiles, as well as completion percentages for each profile attribute.

Administrators can easily see and action what profile changes are pending review and approval.


Attribute customization

When you first run Hyperfish, we provide the out of the box attributes in your Active Directory.

With a simple slider, you can decide which attributes are editable by users and whether you want our Hyperbot to engage users to update that attribute information.

With the use of extension attributes in your directory, you can start collecting additional profile information across your organization, such as skills, past projects, certifications, or even t-shirt size.



Administrators can determine which attributes require approval before changes are written to your directory. For example, organizations often want approvals for changes to Job Title, Department, or Manager.

Hyperfish Administrators can set different individuals to approve specific attributes. For example, the Human Resource Manager could approve all updates to the Department, Manager and Job Title attributes, while the user’s manager approves their profile picture changes.


User Collections

Administrators can define collections of users based on the Organizational Unit (OU) they are in. For example, a ‘Sales’ collection could be created of users in the Inside Sales and Outside Sales OUs in both the corporate and Austin OUs.

If the organization doesn’t use OUs, or they are not up-to-date, you can create a collection based off an attribute value, i.e. a ‘Sales’ collection can be created for all users where their Department attribute equals “Sales”.

In each collection, you can override the master settings for approvals, attribute, email, and branding settings. For example, you could collect the sales region for all users in the ‘Sales’ collection and you could have a different approver (e.g. Sales manager) for any profile photos changes made by these users.


Attribute rules

Hyperfish not only ensures profile information is complete, but also makes sure it aligns with the defined attribute rules.

Rules can be applied to multiple attributes for single line of text, number, toggle, multi-value, auto-complete, and drop-down inputs.

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