The Guide to
Org Charts in Office 365

Organizational charts (org charts) are primarily designed to show the roles and relationships of employees at a glance.

When rolled out effectively Org charts lead to efficiencies in team collaboration and business productivity. 

This whitepaper explores the different ways you can create and manage organizational charts in Office 365 to help your business and employees get the most from them.

This is your comprehensive guide to organizational charts in Office 365.

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What’s covered in the Guide:

  • Introduction to organizational charts - including "why we need org charts" and an introduction to the methods for viewing and creating org charts in Office 365

  • The value of organizational charts - we list out the key benefits of org charts and how they are critical to Office 365 admins.

  • The challenges of organizational charts - we identify the common problems around creating, deploying and maintaining org charts.

  • What to expect out-of-the-box in Office 365 - we list out the ways you can use org charts in Office 365 and potential limitations in the out-of-the-box offerings.

  • Dedicated org chart solutions - we identify what additional value is possible from investing in a dedicated org chart solution.


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