Are you sure you are
ready for Office 365?


Over 80% of company directories
are missing the core information
to make Office 365 successful


Moving to Office 365 is not just a change in technology but also a shift from document-centric to people-centric collaboration and communication.

Office 365 leads to a more connected and collaborative organization, only when fueled by the power of people information, including:

  • Connecting people to the right colleagues, skills, and documents via Delve
  • Targeted team and private chats through Microsoft Teams
  • Personalized content though the Office Graph
  • Powerful business analytics in Power BI
  • Advanced People Cards in Outlook and Skype for Business to easily start conversations and calls

People information is key to the success of any Office 365 implementation.

Hyperfish ensures the continued accuracy of your people information to maximize your return from Office 365.


Ensuring Office 365 Success with Hyperfish

Hyperfish brings your company directory to life with complete, up-to-date profiles— information critical to Office 365 and workplace modernization.

Automated—Hyperfish understands what's invalid, and automatically starts a conversation with end users to collect and validate their information.


Easy for Users—Users can quickly and easily manage their information from anywhere via mobile or internet connected device.


Real Time Compliance—Hyperfish continually monitors your environment to ensure consistency and compliance to standards as your organization changes.

Hyperfish Benefits to Office 365

  • Improved user experience—the user interface will be full of rich and personalized information and documents
  • Increased adoption—due to users realizing the full functionality and benefits of Office 365
  • Reduced IT workload—less help desk tickets and calls, due to Office 365 looking and working as its promised

Additional benefits

  • Improve IT Service Delivery—automate the collection and maintenance of 
 people profile and free up IT higher level tasks
  • Increase Employee Engagement—finding people and information is faster 
 and more effective
  • Unlock Value—tap into all the functionality across your Microsoft Tools 
 and have them looking their best
  • Reduce Risk—avoid embarrassing mistakes and security breaches by 
 ensuring accurate people information