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Connecting your team has never been easier

Your organization and its people are in a constant state of change, this doesn’t mean that connecting your team should be a headache. 

Our Live Directory brings together employee information into an easy to search experience in Office 365.

The directory works in conjunction with our Hyperbot, ensuring your employee information is always accurate.


Real Time Search

The Live Directory searches over employee profiles – directly from the information’s source, not from an out of date search index. Changes in your directory are immediately reflected and searchable by everyone.

Complete & Accurate

The Live Directory is supported by your Hyperfish service, ensuring that employee information is consistently complete and up-to-date.

All in the one place

Through our Integration Framework, you can connect all your systems where employee information lives, including your HRIS. The directory allows employees to find the right person or expertise, regardless of where the information is stored.


Classic & Modern

It doesn’t matter what SharePoint pages your intranet is built on; the web part works in both classic and modern pages.


Advanced Filtering & Configuration

Our Live Directory allows employees to apply multiple filters,  to quickly find exactly who they need. The employee  profile cards can be configured by you to display the most important information, right where people want it.


Seamless experience that  matches your brand

You can choose how and where the directory appears within your intranet and page layout, creating a seamless user experience. The web part inherits your selected styles (CSS), ensuring the color and fonts match your established intranet style.

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