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The people and resources your employees need at their fingertips

Hyperfish’s Employee Self Service is the future of finding people, services, and information within your organization. In the digital workplace every employee spends an average 2.5 hours each day searching for information to do their job effectively. Hyperfish lets your employees quickly connect to the people and resources they need, via a simple chat in with our employee self-service bot.

Regardless of where your team is working, they’ll have access to the resources they need.


Simple and intuitive

Hyperfish’s Employee Self Service is easy to set up, you can be up and running in minutes. You can configure Hyperfish responses to reply with plain text, an image, person (profile card), link, and/or video. Hyperfish will even reply with a carousel of responses.

Easily connect to your team

By asking Hyperfish a simple “Who is …” question employees can quickly and easily find out about their colleagues and discover experts. The profile cards even allow you to start a call or email with them in just one click.

Connect to important internal policies

Hyperfish points your team to the right policies and procedures. No longer do your employees need to search through your intranet and hope they have the latest version.

Enable new team members

Employees are 69% more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience a great onboarding. Hyperfish supports employee on-boarding by making HR policies and processes accessible via chat, like leave, benefits, and payroll.

Profile Updates via chat

Employees can update their profile such as their phone number, title, and office location through a simple chat message to Hyperfish. Profile changes that require approval will be routed to your defined approver before updating the directory.

Customize to align with your organization

You can configure Hyperfish’s responses to provide different responses to different parts of your organization via Hyperfish collections. Hyperfish responses can be categorized by you and owners assigned to individual responses or an entire category i.e. assign your HR manager as owner of all HR responses.

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